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Hopeful Child

I have hope
Though The land
Is in bondage
Like Assyrian captives
By the Barbarians
Who ravaged
The land beyond redemption
The Land:
Where the PEN is hanged
The land:
Where PENS celebrate
In Gashua Haven
Like princess of leprosy
All for the Gospel of truth
Thus, Holy voices
Are scared to wail
Just for its Nobel prize
The truth like the whole truth
No one is safe
In the land
Where the living
Are dead souls
Like Limbonites
Who die
Without the sight of redemption
Because the Barbarians
Are still ruining
The Barbarians are still bondaging
The land without mercy
But, deep down in my soul
A peaceful gentle voice
Like a dove sings
Hopeful songs of tomorrow
"Nothing under the Heaven is permanent"

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