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My Country
Walking to the promised Land
Hopeful Child
True Love
Corruption in the Land
Gory Streets
Weep Not
The Wailing Soul
Not My Wish
I Love You
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False Greeting
Sisi, never say hello
Because you never loved me
Though, I have bored you
With my warm heart
Yet, you take me like your country man

My Sweetheart
O my sweet heart
The blood of my life
My only red rose
You'll never know
How much I love you

Not the love of the flesh
But the real love
From the heart of Eternity

Unknown Genius
O my good friend
I never knew
you are so wise
So wise like the past sages
Innocent beings could not match you
O my dear Dayo
You are a genius

On the Sea
Where is my mentor?
He has left me on the sea of life
The waves of the sea toss me here
And there, like a robot
The sea is at my neck
The sea of life is about drowning me
Fear grips me like an orphan
Where are you my mentor
I need your ship
Ship to sail accross the sea of life

My World
Freedom, I love
Liberty, I pray
Comfort, I seek
Happiness, I desire
Both clowns and kings

Young she looks
Lik a new born baby
Without spots of any sort
Beauty and glory
Are her crown
Like King Solomon of old
Whom all other kingdoms
Seek favour of blessings
His fountain and mountain of life
So shall you remain
If you preserve your virginity

Born Alone
I am born alone
Without a silver spoon
Without greatness entrusted upon me
But destined to achieve greatness
Like great titans of old
That bestride the world
With the glossary of success
For they are born great

Jealous Lover
I do not know
Where you are now
My rose
Many a time
Have I come
Like the angel of good tidings
But you are not on your throne
Like the queens of old
My heart fails
Like those in the valley
Because you are a magnet
To the eyes of Adam's sons
Like stigma to the insects

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