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My Sister
Ella, my warmly sister
Beatiful as the morning sun
Smiling as the innocent child
Walking like the angel of good tidings
Quiet like a holy dove
Blessed is that womb
That brougth you forth
To this world of ours

My Desired Lover
My heart burns
For your love
Like a red rose
That newly comes alive in June
My desired Lover
I wait for your YES
Which will purify my soul
For eternal rest

Understand My Love
How I think you can understand
My feelings like those in honeymoon?

Feelings for your love
Real love like those in heaven

But not the love of the flesh
Like those in carnal love

But real love to have you

Longing for You
Your love glads my heart
Like the good news of salvation
I long to have you around
Like the anointing of joy
So that my soul will rest
Like those in heaven

Lagos Jam
Slow, Slow
Slowly like the snow
From the mountain top
We snail like snail
In the midst of sea of cars
I wonder when the snail speed
Will be so that
I will not be late for my appointment
Like the five Virgins

Talking Eyes
Your eyes fire my soul
For your love is like a burning oven
How I wish like a begging beggar
If you will mercifully accept
My burning love
Like a prodigal son

Wait, wait, wait for me!
Until I ripe like a banana
Your waiting for me is not
Like waiting for Godot
For I will soon ripe like Adam
That will have you as Eve

Your Love
Let your love
Fire my heart again
Like the day of pentecost
For my soul to renew
Your love like the renewal
Of the face of the Earth

Lost Rib
Oh my lost rib:
On my feet
I stand naked
Begging for your love
How I wish
You can accept my love
Like a prodigal son

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